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Nadia Rosenthal
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Nadia Rosenthal

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Deep Tissue Massage
Hatha Yoga
Nadia Rosenthal offers Deep Tissue Massage, Massage, Hatha Yoga in Tamboerskloof

Nadia started out in the holistic field as a yoga teacher 16 years ago. Adding another modality, she then studied a specialized form of massage therapy called Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage, which she has now practiced for 8 years. Her treatments combine this powerful modality with her experience with energy work in Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy to facilitate deep process and release. Nadia's understanding of this work is that attuned touch in the hands of another offers a crucial dimension in our journeys towards greater awareness, stress relief and detoxification on the path toward the simple, basic vitality and ultimate health of our beings.

Nadia also teaches Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga classes in Tamboerksloof.

Her yoga style is grounded in the gentleness of Hatha Yoga, her first love in yoga, which so powerfully combines movement and breath and takes us, on what she refers to as, the beautiful internal journey. She also draws from Iyengar yoga, which she studied for 5 years. Finally, her work is heavily influenced by that of Orit Sun Gupta, an internationally-recognised yoga teacher who wrote the book "Body of Light" with Donna Holleman and with whom Nadia studied for a while in Jerusalem. This style of Vijnaya yoga includes dynamic , flowing sequences that grow out of precise principles of alignment, specifically with regard to letting our poses unfold naturally out of our rootedness into the earth.

Classes in Tamboerksloof are on:

Wed 6pm (general), Thurs 6pm (beginner's), Friday 8 am (gentle - suitable for seniors)

She also teaches a powerful course The Elements of Yoga that looks to nature to take us on a journey with yoga to discover our possibilities and potentials and that powerfully also explores our journey with yoga through the framework of nature. For more info see

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10 - 20yr
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Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage
Craniosacral Therapy
Certified Yoga Teacher
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Wonderfully healing

I have gone back to Nadia time after time because she has an intuitive awareness of what ails. She has provided me with good insights into myself, and left me feeling relaxed and whole.
Zannie's picture

A therapeutic touch

I have benefited from both Nadia's yoga course, The Elements of Yoga, and her deep tissue massage. Both were really important in helping me with my own journey. No other masseur has ever 'got into' my stiff shoulder in quite the way that Nadia did - she really has a healing and therapeutic touch. And her yoga course was wonderful and profound. I have been doing yoga for more than a decade, and her course helped me bring new understanding to my yoga and deepen my practice in significant ways. Thank you Nadia!
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Erika O

Personalised and deeply relaxing

Nadia is very good at finding what ails you most and working with you to let go and relax. Her strong and skilful hands are healing.

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