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Karen Weinman - Transformation & Andean Shamanism
Douglasdale, Fourways, Johannesburg
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Karen Weinman - Transformation & Andean Shamanism

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Workshop Facilitator
Karen Weinman - Transformation & Andean Shamanism offers Shamanism, Workshop Facilitator, Kinesiology in South Africa

I have been offering private sessions & workshops, teaching & supporting others to transform on every level for 26 years now. There is much more information on my website: www.karenweinman.com, if you are curious & wish to read more after this brief introduction.......

  • I offer KINESIOLOGY & dowsing sessions to clear, heal & balance the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual & Soul levels of your being. Your body is wise & knows where you need healing, how & in which order. Over the decades I have melted countless other healing modalities into this structure- like EFT, Hands on Healing, counseling, color & sound therapy, resulting in miraculous shifting & deep soul healing of my clients. These sessions can happen live in Jhb or on Skype. 
  • I became a fully Accredited TRANSFORMATION GAME WORKSHOP facilitator after I lived in Findhorn, Scotland as a resident for 5 years. This is a Board Game you play with a GROUP OR SOLO. (see video on my website)     With facilitation you can be fully immersed in the different levels of the game, bond with the Angels, clear your setbacks & discover deep intuitive insights guided by your Soul!   This game mirrors your life, so you can transform it!

SOLO EARTH games are also now on offer, where you play with Pachamama/Gaia/The Earth as your partner!-  to discover your purpose & your part in healing the collective unconscious. 


The deeper call into ANDEAN SHAMANISM happened when I was struck by lightening.

Over 8 years I have also pilgrimaged with the Q'eros high in the Andes, been initiated as a Pampamesayoq - been on a steep learning curve of ancient techniques, handed down orally, & many, many other rites. Also becoming a Chakaruna: literally 'bridge person', connecting the energy of the Andes with that of the West, supporting people to travel from the mind to the heart.. A Chakaruna is always exploring this reality to connect with the beauty & perfection of creation. They help people connect to the spirit world.

This path as a healer, teacher & mystic, clears away so much heavy energy (Hucha) & opens up Munay (love will energy) & Hampe (healing energy), but also a deep relationship with Pachamama, the Apus (Mountain Spirits) & nature, which you can easily tap into: 

I offer:

  • ANDEAN HEALING SESSIONS- using ancient techniques to naturally bring in the powers of nature to support you to heal, find purpose & your path to the highest level of being -the 6th level. 
  • MUNAY KI - these empowerment Rites, as I call them, plant seeds of consciousness within you, to open up your path in a respectful way, in the perfect timing to your own needs & growth. Expanding your potential & connection to nature & Divine Consciousness. ​“Munay” in Quechua means “love and will”, together with “kuy” combine to give the meaning: energy of love.Opening to love within.
  • PAQO COURSE - an 8 month self development course in integrating the practices of Andean Mystics & healers. 

Learn how to become your own Shaman, dancing with living Energies, empowering yourself & the planet with the support of Mother Nature, Pachamama.

My website offers info & blogs on all these topics, plus videos & other ways to 'plug' in, like with Despachos- living prayer ceremonies, & more. So join me there, or contact me to inquire or book. 

with Munay


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9- 5 weekdays /workshops weekends and evenings.
Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
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20yr +
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Transformation Game workshop Facilitator /Fully Accredited/ Findhorn Foundation, Scotland /20 years- 5 yrs residential
Advanced Kinesiology/ Body Alignment Practitioner/SA 22 years
Pampamesayoc + Andean Tradition Qero Initiations /8 years/ Peru
Munay Ki/ Teacher level/ practitioner/Peru /SA
450 - R7500 please contact me to inquire
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Amanda Rathbone's picture
Amanda Rathbone

Highly recommended facilitator

What passion for her art! I did a transformation game with Karen which so closely resembled my behaviours in real life. This was such a brilliant way to highlight how I react to situations in my life but in a safe and enjoyable environment. I now find that on a day to day basis I can relate to what the game bought up, I see my behaviours in a different light and am starting to understand myself better. This has helped me navigate situations differently so I am more relaxed and getting more positive results. Karen was so refreshingly enthusiastic about her work which I found very catching. She was easy to work, very insightful, with so many years’ experience I felt so confident in her abilities and the whole experience that I will be booking with her again. I am also in the process of looking into and booking one of her workshops.
Tracy's picture

Karen' services and courses

I have had private sessions with Karen and played the Transformation game with her as the facilitator 3 times and have just completed her Munay Ki course. Karen is an amazing woman, with incredible gifts. She is a powerful healer with a wealth of knowledge and is completely authentic. I have had profound experiences with her that have sometimes rocked me to my core but also wonderful loving experiences as I have managed to open my heart under her guidance that has bought great joy and wonder. If you want to heal your stuff and experience your truth then I can recommend Karen which hesitation.
Lourentia's picture


What I enjoy about Karen's workshops is that she creates them from her own experiences. The information she shares with you has been tested in real life and works. There is no doubt about Karen's depth of spritual wisdom and enthusiasm to share her insights. I always feel cared for and whole after a session with Karen. Do yourself a favour - make contact with Karen and book any of her many sessions on offer.
Hayley Dos Santos's picture
Hayley Dos Santos

Karen Weinman

Karen Weinmann is a true healer. I do kinesiology work with her, I have attended transformation games, workshops, despachos and munay ki rites . I find her work deeply moving, courageous, and healing. Karen has made it her life's work to deeply understand and engage at multiple levels with various healing modalities. What I appreciate about Karens work, is the level of research, practice and understanding is always is always deep and rich. I feel safe working with Karen, as I know that she has a deep understanding and experience with the work. Karen also has a unique ability to integrate the work at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This has paved a way for me to live a more congruent and full life.

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