Dr Lilian Cabiron - The Healing Process
850 Justice Mahomed, Brooklyn, Pretoria
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Dr Lilian Cabiron - The Healing Process

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Life Coach
Dr Lilian Cabiron - The Healing Process offers Coach, Reiki, Mindfulness in Pretoria / Tshwane

My work is integrative and holistic. I Understand any alignment as a result of many factors; personal constitution, primary experiences, secondary experiences, circumstances and present trauma or trigger for the suffer.  I encourage the whole human being to emerge and not only to listen / attend symptoms and or diseases.

In something more than 25 years dedicated to assist people in reclaiming their health and balance, their potential and wisdom and ultimately in embracing a much more fulfilling life I have acquired not only understanding but also experience of many different paradigms. This background gives me the flexibility to tailor the treatment to the need and wishes of each individual and as a consequence of it achieving better and more stable results.

Due to my training and experience, I assist people with many different problems, from emotional distress, physical and emotional pain, physical alignments, bereavement, domestic violence victims and life crisis just to mention few.

Treatments are tailored keeping in mind the individuality and uniqueness of each client as well as what needs to be addresses. After a full assessment of the patient, her situation and circumstances the best therapeutic approach is discussed.

I do also developed and conduct workshops in mindfulness, self development and meditation.

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20yr +
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Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst by profession.
Some of the modalities I work with are: Reiki, Coaching, Counselling, and Mindfulness Based Interventions, NLP and Meditation.
I discuss my fees with the client (between 660 and 990, depending on the type of treatment). Please contact me for workshop fees.


Andrea Aranguren's picture
Andrea Aranguren

I have only excellent things

I have only excellent things to say about Lilian. I've known her for many years, mainly as a Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst, and my experience with her has been outstanding. Among many of her variuos teachings, she helped me to embrace a process of deep self-awareness that led me to a profound transformation and a positive change. She helped me to find my own path towards healing and living a more authentic, peaceful and happier life. I am extremely grateful to her.
Alison Scuriatti's picture
Alison Scuriatti

Reiki Treatment. It's benefits.

I did a series of in-person Reiki sessions over 3 months. I am writing this very long review because I was so surprised and had so much benefit that I want others to know about this. I was mildly curious but also skeptical about this "energy work" - especially when I learned it is hands off! But the results were real and when I moved back to the US I discovered that lots of people know about this. Even some hospitals offer referrals to combine this with conventional treatments for healing serious medical problems (because guess what? the mind-body thing makes a clinical difference). After surgery I was having a problem with nerve pain when Lilian suggested I try reiki. The only reason I did is because I knew she was also trained as a medical doctor - and so while this was not a "medical" treatment and she wasn't offering it as such, I figured that she was a science-based person and she was telling me there was something in this, so why not give it a try. I am not sure if it helped the nerve pain - because I found the problem and so it went away - but doing the reiki helped the overall healing because it was the best thing I had done for myself, ever. Maybe she just knew that I needed it more generally. In addition to surgery, I was preparing for an overseas move. Stress and sadness. Lilian told me I would probably start feeling the benefit of energy work after 4 sessions. This was exactly right. It was pleasant and slightly energizing at first but nothing significant. After three or four visits I felt noticeably better, physically and mentally. I then signed up for twice a week at first and then once a week to get myself feeling strong. I learned to recognize what energy blockages actually feel like. When you get a traditional massage this also works out energy and other blockages so there is some overlap there and it makes sense once you do it. I was fascinated and observed that every time Lilian was working on my right lower leg my left upper arm would get a funky twitch/pulse! I used to wait for that pulse and would open my eyes to check if she was over my leg and she was every time! Anyway, I kept improving dramatically over the next three months until I was in a space of mind-body balance, and positive energy, that I had never had before. I literally felt like a new person. It got me through the move and at that point I was looking forward to my weekly energy "fix"!! - which I have since learned can also be achieved with acupuncture. From my experience it is not quite the same. At the time, people remarked to me frequently that I was glowing and seemed so well even under all the things I had to manage. By the end of three months I felt more balance and connected than I ever had in my adult life. It's hard to explain. You know it when you get it and then you know it when you lose it again. I wish I could have packed her in my suitcase too. Just re Lilian: I have tried reiki with three other practitioners where I am now and it doesn't come close. It took about 5 months for me to slowly lose that balanced and in-touch feeling that I had, thanks to Lilian's reiki. I think a quarterly maintenance program would have been great. So I switched to acupuncture to help stay on track and feeling great, and that helps. It's also possible to do Reiki on yourself once you open your mind to what is going on. Lilian told me that. I started figuring it out on my own and had intended to do a course, but then never had time. Good luck to anyone exploring this! Have fun with it. And thank you Lilian for really opening my mind to the idea of energy work and what it can do.
Karen Lange's picture
Karen Lange

Excellent therapist

"Lilian is a wonderful warm lady, with an incredible understanding of human behavior. I would recommend her as an excellent therapist to anyone who is in need of insight into their problems." Karen.
Fernando Pires's picture
Fernando Pires

Therapeutic Counsellor

As a therapeutic counsellor, Lilian did an outstanding job with my wife on an extremely difficult health situation. I can highly recommend Lilian's work." Fernando.

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