Children's Yoga Teacher Training
24 Jun, 9:00am to 25 Jun, 5:00pm
0829792395  The Zen Studio, Viola Road, Table View

Children's Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga4Kids has been running internationally accredited children’s yoga teacher trainings endorsed by the Yoga Teachers Fellowship since 2005.

Module 1 is a two-day weekend course that is open to all people who would like to know how to bring yoga, meditation, heart consciousness and mindfulness to children.

Teaching children's yoga is about encouraging children to: 

  •  Have fun in a creative & non-competitive space
  •  Form a loving and confident relationship with self
  •  Live in harmony with themselves & others
  •  Balance mind, body and self
  •  Change state & manage energy levels
  •  Constantly shift towards positive emotional behaviour and wellbeing

Module 1 will cover the following topics:

  • Why do we practice yoga with children.
  •  How to bring rules and disciplines into your classroom
  •  Age Appropriate discussions on how to teach children and structure classes relevant to the age of a child.
  •  Exploring the emotional, mental & physical benefits of yoga exercises for children.
  •  Yoga Poses and how we can use these to create a dynamic and fun interactive class for children.
  •  Teaching children how to breathe deeply bringing a calm & mindful way to their lives.
  •  Practical examples of meditative & energizing breathing exercises.
  •  Preparing children for warm-up or Asana.
  •  Exploring story & yoga Asana.
  •  Creating stories for the main part of yoga classes for children.
  •  Exploring yoga, games, imagination & music for yoga classes for children.
  •  Exploring affirmations, meditations & visualizations for yoga classes for children.
  •  Learning Savasana & how to bring relaxation to children.
  •  Teaching yoga to children with special needs.
  •  Using props, using music, games and so much more.

The training will take place at The Zen Studio in Table View on 24 and 25 June 2017.

The training costs R4400. Payment plans are available on request. 

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 Carla de Gouveia's picture
Carla de Gouveia

A Fantastic Course

I never thought I would be good at teaching yoga to children, but I was very aware of how beneficial it would be for children to start yoga from a young age. My adult yoga students pushed me to teach yoga to their children and the Yoga4Kids course was a fantastic, ideal learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and appreciate how all the scattered bits and pieces that I had read and gathered over the years were presented in a neat, easy to use package. It gave me the tools and confidence I needed to make teaching yoga to children a reality. The course left me feeling empowered and rearing to go and I am enjoying the many benefits of brining yoga to young children.

Tanjia Van der Walt's picture
Tanjia Van der Walt

Mind, Body & Heart Teaching

The Module 1 training was so amazing, thank you for bringing such a divine teaching to my heart, mind and body. The children’s yoga is more special that I expected it to be, it blew me away completely. I find myself thinking about it all the time! At first I thought that I was simply processing the weekend, but, now I know that I am crazy in love with it and that I want to teach yoga to these little angels.

Tamar Drakes's picture
Tamar Drakes

Finally on the right path

Once again thanks for an awesome weekend. For the first time in a long time I have unwavering faith for I know with every fiber of my being and that I am on the right path that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and my soul is singing.

Debbie de Beer's picture
Debbie de Beer

A Life-Changing Weekend

Thank you so much for what we’ve learnt over the past weekend, I came home feeling so relaxed and mostly excited about teaching yoga to kiddies. I really believe that this is what I’d love to do and would love to see where we could be able to work together if possible.

Shielpa Kanjee's picture
Shielpa Kanjee

Pure Magic

An absolutely magical journey!!!

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