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LISTING > Dorn or Breuss Massage, Deep Tissue Massage  in Glencairn

Dorn or Breuss Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Naturally Wise offers Dorn/Breuss Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology in Glencairn

With 20 years’ experience...  my treatments have developed an intuitive "knowing edge".  My clients often say how I "just seem to know where the tight spots are".

Upper body release 1 hour - A deep, relaxing treatment, releasing muscular tension, knots & fatigue.

Holistic full body massage 1.5hour - Relax & unwind as your tight muscles and tension melt away.

Heavenly Lymphatic drainage massage 1.5hour - Gentle firm, fully body treatment, for ultimate relaxation, detox, vitality & bliss.

Deep tissue sports massage 1hour; 1.5hour; 2hour - Skilful, specific treatment for injured muscles, scar tissue or shortened ligaments.  Using body reading, neuro-muscular techniques, directive-opposed stretching and trigger point therapy.

The Dorn Method Spine alignment 1 hour - A gentle yet highly effective method of alignment, using your body movement (no sudden, sharp corrections).  All major joints are treated.  Bruess massage 20 mins – a gentle massage which complements the Dorn method.

Massage and Reflexology combination 1.5hour or 2hour - A luxurious combination of upper body deep tissue massage & reflexology to the feet…a glorious way to unwind, reduce tension and relax.

Classical reflexology on feet 50 mins (R380) - Relaxes and restores balance to the body.  Advanced techniques for specific issues.  Enhance your level of health with regular treatment.

Five star Relaxation 1.5 hour - The ultimate relaxation.  Classical reflexology to the feet followed with massage to your hands, head & face.

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Off Street Parking
Wheelchair accessible
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
20yr +
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Diploma in Reflexology and meridian therapy
Diploma in therapeutic massage
Advanced training in the Dorn method of spine alignment
R450/hour - Massage & Dorn method
R380/hour - Reflexology


Laura's picture

Lymph and Dorn

Simply fabulous. Spot on and professional. Very effective. Thank you Clare.
Michael de Wit's picture
Michael de Wit

Therapeutic massage

Clare is a real proffessional with so much experience behind her. She is most knowledgable and compassionate. Her hands are strong and yet gentle and know exactly where to go and how to tease out spasms. Her home practice is peaceful and allows for a deeply relaxed space for healing. Highly recommended!!
Sharene Naude's picture
Sharene Naude

Deep Tissue

I cannot rate Clare highly enough. Of all the different kinds of treatments from various therapists around the world, I have never experienced the level of healing as I do at the hands and heart of Clare's truly holistic set of skills and intuition, combined with a tremendously compassionate, understanding nature. She is a natural born healer.

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