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Jean Magnus - Metamorphosis SA offers Holistic Healing, Metamorphosis in Gauteng

I came to Metamorphosis over 20 years ago when I was looking for something to help me heal from the debilitating depression and anxiety I was experiencing at the time. I had a few sessions with a practitioner who was visiting South Africa, and although I went in as a skeptic, I left a convert. My depression lifted immediately, and my anxiety followed soon thereafter. Additionally, although I had been to remedial school as I could not read or write properly growing up, nine months after my first Metamorphosis session - just before my 40th birthday - I started reading and writing. All my life I had been labelled as mentally inferior, and this was a real liberation for me. 

Astounded by the shifts, I contacted the practitioner for more information and she explained to me that the reason the technique is so effective is because it addresses the root cause of symptoms rather than just their presentation. I knew pursuing this work was my calling! I went to Ireland to complete the Metamorphosis course, and when I came back I practised on friends and family, and was amazed by the results I started to witness (and continue to witness to this day, 20 years later). 

Metamorphosis founder Robert St. John combined elements of the Bates Method of eyesight training, naturopathy and reflexology, amongst others, to formulate the powerful protocol. A Metamorphosis healing involves gentle touching of the feet, hands, head and spine in order to remove deep-seated tension. 

Metamorphosis involves the re-education of the subconscious mind in order to eliminate deeply seated influences. Once these underlying tensions are removed, the symptoms are naturally alleviated.

St. John believes that all our conditions arise at conception, and then manifest to varying degrees throughout the rest of our lives. For example, an adopted child may have the most loving parents but because she was created in tension, this was all passed onto her while in utero. Metamorphosis goes right back into the cell memory to address this.

Metamorphosis is a self-healing program, with the practitioner merely acting as a facilitator. I encourage my clients to take both responsibility and credit for their own healing. Nine sessions are conducted within a period of nine weeks, and full healing typically takes place within nine months after the first session. 

At the peak of my practice, I was seeing up to 50 patients a week. I encountered people presenting with everything from panic attacks, anxiety, migraines, schizophrenia, epilepsy, pregnancy problems, you name it. I worked in rehabilitation centres and special needs schools and was able to see first-hand how powerful Metamorphosis is in cases of addiction and ADD/ADHD. Robert St John's own daughter was born with down syndrome and he started working on her from birth. Now, at age 55, she shows no signs of the condition.

My current focus is in working with remedial schools for children with learning challenges, prisons for purposes of rehab, police stations who require assistance with trauma management for abused women and children, as well as drug rehabilitation centres and hospices across the country.

For me, Metamorphosis is not a profession - it's a passion! I have seen first-hand how it provides permanent healing from the inside out (rather than vice versa) and really changes peoples' lives, and it has been an honour and a privilege for me to bring it to South Africa. The more people I can pass this amazing tool on to, the better. It's so simple yet so effective, leaving no stone unturned. A single Metamorphosis session can see you working through all your fears, pains and traumas, all the way back to your time in utero. 

I've taught over 100 practitioners and it is most rewarding for me to see how they have gone forth to set others free. 

I encourage those who would like to experience the powerful process for themselves to find a practitioner registered with Metamorphosis South Africa ( 

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