Fascia Workshop
25 Nov (All day) to 26 Nov (All day)
retreat@ifeelcalm.com  17 Hely Hutchinson Ave, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

Fascia Workshop

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Join me in the second workshop of 8 standalone Body Sensing workshops. You have the flexibility of doing individual modules or all 8 towards a Body Sensing accreditation.

Nothing fascinates me more than the body/mind and Fascia connection. In this workshop I give you a Jargon free intro to Fascia, the connective tissue that everyone is talking about. Over the past 10 years I have been learning everything I can from the leaders of Fascia research. Mostly Robert Schliep, Tom Myers, Helene Langevin, Jean Gumberteau and Carla Stecco. Wondering how best to use this research and apply it to movement and pain relief. Fascia is not just a connective tissue. It is a constituent tissue, connecting all branches of medicine. When you move your Fascia you are influencing every other biologial system in your body. Learn more about..

1. The 4 properties of Fascia
2. How can you rehydrate "biltong" like Fascia?
3.Happy tissue versus strong tissue.
4. What makes Fascia super senstive.
5. Fascia and the nervou system.
6. Hyper and Hypomobility.
7. Interoception.
8. Spatial medicine.

Cost: R4000 for both days including notes and light lunch.
To book: call me on 0768483778 or email yasmin@bodysensing.co.za

Cost / Pricing: 
R4000 for both days including notes and light lunch.
Teacher / Instructor: 
Gut Health Yogi

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