Family Constellations Workshop: When Love Flows
24 Jun (All day)
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Family Constellations Workshop: When Love Flows

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When love flows.....

"Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Our deepest human need is to belong. We are born into a family that stretches back generations. This generational system is where we draw our strength from. This family energy is what supports and nourishes us in life.

However, if we are for whatever reason, cut off from our parents, our siblings and from the wider family system, we are un-rooted. Without the nourishing support that comes through the connections through your family, it is more difficult to live life expansively with an open heart.

How do we begin to move out of this stuckness, the immobility, the inability to raise our eyes and to look at and see the other?

In this family constellations workshop we will be attuned to whatever will support a movement, a shift in space, a change - so that we may see the other and be seen by them. We ask:

What will support love?
What movement will open the space for love to flow again, in the family?
What will support a movement that allows a step towards the future, away from what is stuck in the past?

Using the family constellations modality, following the impulse of new movements, you may more easily step into a new space, a new spaciousness. This external (and a felt internal) spaciousness allows a new experiencing of your life, allowing new meanings to grow. These movements continue through the body towards physical ease, re-connection and flow of love.

There are 4 places open for issue holders on the day, for setting up a personal constellation.

For those of you who have never experienced a constellation workshop I would like to let you know of the warm, intimate, safe and very holding quality that the constellation circle provides for each person who chooses to work.

And if you are not certain whether you want to, or are not yet ready to set up a constellation yourself, attend the workshop as a representative / observer in the holding circle. The experience of representing in someone else's constellation is deeply moving.

Registration and Booking for When Love Flows June 24, click here.

Please note fee reduction above, for personal constellation, if paid by 17th June

For more information of the ‘how’ and of what happens in a workshop continue reading here.

Some words about Systemic Constellation work for those new to the work

What is this way of working with a life issue?
Working within the constellation modality is a very beautiful way of mapping out the relationships between people who are intimately connected.

This way of working allows an actual bodily experiencing of the texture and emotional content of the connections between each person. What has been hidden within a relationship is revealed. This newly experienced knowing opens up ways of stepping out of old stuck patterns; the new knowing opens up new possibilities and new ways of being in the world. These felt connections are extraordinarily supportive and nourishing; what underlies this work is a deep respect and honouring of an individual’s roots and ancestry and of self.

You will leave the day newly resourced and re-connected to self and to others.

Looking forward to meeting within the work,

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Cost / Pricing: 
Book to set a constellation @ R1050 / to represent @ R300 / repeat attend R150
Teacher / Instructor: 
Family Constellations Practitioner

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