Recharge retreat in December 2017
15 Dec (All day)

Recharge retreat in December 2017

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Why do I need to Retreat?

We all reach a tipping point where the normal day to day life can become tiring and intense, your soul will start to prompt you that there must be something more to life. It will ask you for silence and contemplation, and if you don’t respond and act on this calling it sometimes can create “drama”.
Retreating is an ancient way of recalibration of your life, recharging your energy and activating your creativity. It is an opportunity to have less responsibility and more chill time.

Package 1: Recharge

  Book in from 2pm
  1 night’s accommodation

DAY 1:
  Energy Clearing and healing in the afternoon- 4pm
  Cook for yourself or enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants
  Chill and relax for the evening.

  Energy massage in the morning (10am)
  Book out by 12pm

Recharge Retreat fee: R 2250

Contact us for longer retreats and our signature retreats on offer!


Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Tamar Bezuidenhout and Berto Voigt

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