Rolfing, also known as ‘Structural Integration’, is a massage process of deep manipulation of the soft connective tissue, known as fascia, in the body, combined with movement education to improve posture and movement patterns. Developed by Dr.Ida Rolf, she based her therapy on the fact that modern humans tend to have bad posture. Once bad posture becomes habitual, the muscles are thrown into unnatural contractions and connective tissue in the area grows to form thick plates called fascia. The fascia reinforce the bad posture and place stress on the muscular and skeletal system. The therapist uses Rolf’s techniques to break down these fascia in order to loosen the body so that it can be restructured .

Zelda Visser- Myofascial Release Therapist - MFR offers Fascia Release, Rolfing, Yin Yoga in Ballitoville
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