Live Blood Analysis

Blood is the ideal medium to analyse your overall health status. Dark field live blood microscopy (DFLBM), Phase contrast live blood microscopy (PCLBM) and coagulated blood microscopy (CBM) are all the study of the components of the blood. Live Blood Analysis is not diagnostic, but, rather a screening tool which enables the qualified practitioner to question the patient about their current health situation in order to ascertain underlying factors that may be contributing to the patient’s body being out of homoeostasis or balance, which in turn can contribute to the interference of the body’s natural healing ability, leading to poor health.

Bodywise offers Craniosacral Therapy, Live Blood Analysis, M Technique in Pinelands
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      • Craniosacral Therapy
      • Live Blood Analysis
      • M Technique
Balance Natural Health Clinic (Heinrich le Roux) offers Live Blood Analysis, Ethnomedicine, Dorn/Breuss Massage in Cape Town
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Cape Town
      • Live Blood Analysis
      • Ethnomedicine
      • Dorn/Breuss Massage