Feng Shui

Feng Shui emphasises living in harmony with the environment - being able to read and note the patterns, rhythms and cycles of the cosmos. A house or building is considered to be a living being. Just as a person becomes ill when the energy flow in the body is blocked and stagnates, so too a house becomes ‘ill’ when the energy stagnates or is blocked. A Feng Shui consultant reads the energy flows in your home or office and suggests ways to unblock areas of stagnation and restore a healthy and life-giving flow of energy. This in turn creates health and prosperity for those who use the house or building.
TIP: Feng Shui says we are energetically connected to everything we own. Get rid of anything you don’t use as having an overwhelming amount of stuff saps your energy and blocks opportunities.

Glynis Dinsdale: Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Therapy Medium (CPT & JHB) offers Angel Card Readings, Feng Shui, Spiritual School in Cape Town CBD
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