Ethnomedicine is a system of healing that applies both art and science in helping the human body to find health and well-being. It utilises natural remedies to activate the immune system. These remedies act directly on the affected parts of the sick body and address the cause of the symptoms. The body’s defence mechanisms are activated to overcome the symptoms and the natural subtle energy of the body system is strengthened. Ethno-phytotherapies developed from traditional herbal medicine using plants and herbs.
TIP: Ethnomedicine looks at the root cause of discomfort or disease and often prescribes herbal medicine in the form of tinctures, capsules, infusions and ointments.

Balance Natural Health Clinic (Heinrich le Roux) offers Live Blood Analysis, Ethnomedicine, Dorn/Breuss Massage in Cape Town
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Cape Town
      • Live Blood Analysis
      • Ethnomedicine
      • Dorn/Breuss Massage