The essence of Breathwork is the conscious control of your breathing to influence your mental, emotional and physical state. Breathwork is a technique which involves a continuous, uninterrupted flow of breath, filling up your entire lungs in a rhythmic fashion. The idea is to become mindful of every moment you breathe in and out to gain access to the subconscious and higher consciousness parts of the mind. The idea behind Rebirthing is the nature of your birth experience can affect the way you handle stress in your life. Most first-breath experiences are incredibly stressful, introducing the message that life is a hard struggle. Using the Rebirthing Breathwork technique you can reprogramme this message allowing life to flow in easier and more creative ways. TIP: It’s normal to feel a little light headed after the session. It’s best to sit for at about ten minutes after the Breathwork session, so you're centered and safe to drive.

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