Body Harmony

Sol-Ent Body Harmony therapy can be described as a ‘hands-on’ therapy. It’s practiced to relieve aches and pains and restore natural body movement to improve posture and presentation. As we get older, and due to stress, tension and trauma we change the way we move our bodies and pick up unfavourable body movement habits. Body Harmony therapy is a great self-discovery tool - so much can be learned when we’re mindful of simple things like the way we walk. Improving your posture and the way you move can improve an array of conditions from pelvic pain and osteoarthritis to muscle spasms and IBS. TIP: Most of the Body Harmony work is done with you lying on the therapy bed; sometimes with oil, sometimes without. It’s best to wear a shirt you can easily take off and put on again, and something that can withstand residual oil.

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