Bates Method

The Bates method is a set of techniques designed to improve your eyesight using eye exercises rather than lenses or surgery. The idea is clear vision can be achieved by anyone, even if you already wear strong corrective glasses. Bates practitioners believe vision is a skill that can be regained. Dependency on eyeglasses can be decreased and visual fitness improved by performing simple eye exercises. The muscles around your eyes can strain for all kinds of reasons, including stress, poor posture or incorrect diet. The Bates method takes your lifestyle into consideration and empowers you with the techniques you need to combat the strain on your vision. TIP: You can practice eye exercises by keeping your head in one place and moving your eyes up as far as they go, then down and also vertically to the left (up and down) and to the right (up and down). Then roll them in a circle clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

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