Astrology looks at how cosmic objects, like stars and planets, influence our affairs and the natural world. Astrological counselling serves as an incredible tool for self-discovery and guide to self-understanding that never stops revealing new insights. By constructing a natal or birth chart based on your date of birth, an astrologer can provide information on your character, potential positive and negative qualities you bring into your life, best suited career choices, romantic compatibility potential and the ideal way to handle any life crisis you may experience. Astrology can be used by anyone seeking help with what presently exists, with the way forward and the root cause of a difficulty affecting any aspect of life, relationship compatibility or decision making. TIP: Free your schedule for the day of your appointment. Make sure you’re in a good state before the session, ready to receive information and have some time after the session to assimilate it. You may want to record your session.

Events : Workshop
30 Nov
Cape Town
      • Astrology
Events : Training
18 Sep to 4 Dec
      • Astrology