Still Mountain, Flowing Water: Living Your True Nature
23 Nov, 5:30pm to 27 Nov, 9:30am
084 799 0393

Still Mountain, Flowing Water: Living Your True Nature

LISTING > Counselling, Life Skills Retreat in Drakensberg

The retreat program aims to take you on a journey deep inside leading to relaxation, restoration, and renewal. No need to be or do anything special and free to experience whatever is present for you. We will use the theme of the seasons to explore processes of cyclical change in our lives: times of moving inwards into the silence and stillness where we learn to trust the unknown and find our inner compass there; and times of moving outwards into the flow of acting on our conscious intentions. We will explore these processes of change through meditation, mindfulness and exercises inside and outside where we connect with ourselves, each other, and nature, deepening awareness, healing, transformation and alignment with our deepest desires. The weekend will be held in silence apart from the times of sharing together as a group.

Cost / Pricing: 
R450.00 to R550.00 per person per day & Dana for Teachers & managers
Teacher / Instructor: 
Chandasara & Sietske

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