The Role of our Divine Mother
24 Jun, 9:30pm to 25 Jun, 5:00pm

The Role of our Divine Mother

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The Role of the Divine Mother
James J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.

The work of the Divine Mother has been instrumental in the movements of thought throughout the ages. Awareness of Her work in our era is growing, but She needs our help, especially as Gaia, the Earth Mother, as She is being affected by climate change around the globe.

The talk will examine how the Divine Mother has been instrumental throughout all cultural traditions in the origin of life-giving essence and how She needs to be recognized, once again, as an underlying framework that fosters spiritual oneness and cross-cultural dialogue. We know that whether She is known as “Sophia” in the ancient Greek philosophic texts, or “Prajnaparamita” in the Buddhist tradition, She is the mother of the Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom, and it is important to understand Her role regardless of our personal religious background.

In fact, in times of cultural conflict or thereafter when reconciliation or forgiveness arose, the divine feminine principle associated with the “Mother” was proclaimed by many as the creative principle that brought about healing and the renewal of thought. The Divine Mother stands out as the primary figure of Love and Compassion in most of the great literature of the world. Through the Divine Mother, we can rediscover the value of our inner resources for ecumenical work and the sanctity of life.

R850 for both days, a weekend that includes a higher understanding of music, geometry, colour and Light, and how using the Names of the Divine Mother - across all cultures, heals the separations and divisions through the unification of an integrated Wisdom that flows through all Names of the Wise Mothering, Creative and Comforting Energies nurturing the Earth and All on Her.

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