Free Astrology Talk
21 Jun, 6:30pm
0027 82 967 0039  The Enlightenment Tree, 75 Roeland Square, Drury Lane, Gardens

Free Astrology Talk

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One of the greatest gifts that Astrology can give us, is the ability to understand Cycles, to understand life’s crucial turning points and make room for these changes to happen. These Life Cycles mirror the Cycles of the Cosmos – things are born, grow, and die, to be reborn in the ever turning Wheel of Life. Cycles are what makes the Sun rise and set, what makes the Moon in all her Phases affect life here on earth just as clearly as the Sun makes all things grow. We live by the Sun and the Moon, and we live by the Seasons – “ to everything there is a season”. When using Astrology, we can very clearly see and understand that our lives mirror these important cycles, which we too, go through the same birth, growth and death as all living things.

This is a great comfort to us, especially when faced with Life’s challenges – we can understand where they have sprung from, where their starting point is, when the changes will intensify, and (often thankfully), when they will come to an end. We can learn to understand this timing, through Astrology, and prepare for these changes and make the necessary adjustments.

Margarita will lead a discussion on these extremely important Life Cycles which are applicable at certain ages in everybody’s lives, which can help bring clarity to a current cycle, or help you prepare for an upcoming cycle – and of course, understand the cycles of life in others.

This talk is open to all with or without prior knowledge of Astrology and without knowledge of their own birth charts.

A few words about our speaker;

"Margarita Celeste is a practicing Traditional Astrologer, who graduated from celebrated Astrologer, Rod Suskin’s School of Astrology, with a distinction after 3 years of formal study. She has always had a passion for the planets and the stars, cited Linda Goodman as her Gateway Drug into the Magical world of Astrology when she was a teenager. Having first studied Vedic (Eastern) Astrology, she decided to make her discipline in Traditional Hellenistic Astrology originating from the ancient Greek world. She has taken her Art worldwide on her travels, holding classes and workshops, consultations and talks in various conscious communities, and after some time, felt called to bring the workshops to Cape Town, to the flourishing Spiritual Community."

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Margarita Celeste

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