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Treat yourself to a weekend of gentle yoga and wholefood nutrition at a Yoga Kitchen Retreat in Swellendam.


Standing upside down is said to realign the internal organs, bring a rush of blood to the brain and increase concentration. But that’s not all.

Yin Yoga, Yoga

In the Taoist Yin Yang symbol lies the secret to a harmonious life - balance. Yin energy is internal, passive and cooling while Yang is external, dynamic and warming. Many of us live our lives in...

Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Whether you want to teach yoga or deepen your own practice, training in India can’t get more authentic. Camilla Marsh spent some time at a yoga centre in India and we are delighted to share her...

Movement Medicine

The humble hula hoop is no longer just a toy for kids. This simple plastic ring has become one of the latest and greatest ways to keep your mind, body and soul aligned and thriving - no matter...

Feldenkrais, Dance

Using the raw materials of space, time, energy and the human body we can choose to dance, slouch, saunter, swagger or shuffle. But what gives some people elegant and beautiful posture while others...


Explore the scientific data around the benefits of massage, as well as a summary of the most common forms of massage and the differences, all in this beautiful infographic.

Although intrinsically linked, we often treat our minds and bodies as separate entities. Building a connection with the body and in the process healing emotions, feelings and even addictions can...

Personal Training

Internationally, top athletes, trainers and professional sports people are using a highly effective method in the form of electro muscle stimulation to dramatically improve and speed up their...

Make your body strong by doing a daily plank with a few leg pulls.

Circle walking as a meditation practice is taken very seriously amongst the Quan Zhen Daoists in Eastern China.

From irresistible foot tapping to hard-core gyrations, dancing is a guaranteed feel-good activity that can be enjoyed by anyone.

If anyone oozes abundant energy and emulates life force, it’s Lucas Mthenjane.

Hoola hooping is not only great fun but gets you ultra fit with strong, firm abdominals.

Standing upside down is said to realign the internal organs, bring a rush of blood to the brain and increase concentration. But that’s not all.

If you suspect a sluggish thyroid is the culprit keeping your love-handles intact, speed it up with the yoga tradition of a daily shoulder stand.

Combining recreation, feel-good and work-out, horse riding is catching on as the perfect alternative for gym weary devotees.

Regular practise of the 5 Tibetan youth postures is believed to promote long life. They’re easy to do and a brilliant home based exercise solution.

Dancing awakens our instinctive qualities and sensations. It brings joy and happiness into life. Biodanza representative Carolina Churba goes deeply into discovering the self through dance by...