Creativity, Mind & Abundance


Breathe new life into your world with this ancient pranayama practice.

Spiritual School, Holistic Healing

Explore the underlying principles of life and learn how to use them to master your life at METAVarsity. 

Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork

Imagine how much energy and vitality you would have if you were truly able to recharge your mental batteries three times a day…

Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork

As a profound tool for purifying and revitalizing the body, we recommend regular practice of the four main breathing techniques used in a discipline called Acu-Yoga.

Holistic Healing

So you've heard words like prana, moksha and dharma bandied around the yoga studio, but you're feeling a bit out of the loop? Brush up on your mind body spirit lexicon with our nifty A to Z of...

Infuse your life with practices and attitudes that usher in a higher quality of experience. Create a picture of your ideal life and start with baby steps bringing yourself to the place you want to...

When it comes to women evaluating their bodies, they often do it apologetically, much like revealing a shameful secret. Yet the fact is: cellulite, fat rolls, bulges, freckles, hairyness and...

When we clean out the negative conditioning that gets stuck in our stream of consciousness, we get rid of unconscious tendencies, habitual patterns and conditioned reflexes.  Once they're exposed...

Combining recreation with mood enhancement and a great workout, horse riding is catching on as the perfect alternative for gym-weary devotees.

Your body is in a feedback loop with your mind. Hunched shoulders and bad posture create negative thoughts. Changing your body language can elevate your mood.

One surefire step to wellness is by raising the vibration of your thoughts. 

Amp up the fabulous factor in your life by doing more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t.

Profound truths come to us disguised as disease or symptoms of illness, if only we have the frame of mind to recognize them.

Practice loving the parts of yourself you don’t like, especially the belly.

Meditation, Mindfulness

Pyramids built or shaped with certain dimensions have magical healing, preservation and energy properties. Some believe a red pyramid kept under the bed heightens sexual desire, or placing a...

Life Skills, Life Coach, Heal Your Life

Awareness is the intelligent medicine of the new decade. So before you reach for that bottle of Prozac, we suggest you take a tour of your inner landscape.

Most devotional masters suggest following a disciplined practise to cultivate a spiritual life. They believe our problems have less to do with politics and the economy and more to do with moral...

Meditate for half an hour every day, unless you are really busy…. Then a full hour is needed.


Foot fetishists may laud feet as symbols of sensuality yet many of us have little or no regard for our hard working feet. Historically anointing the feet was an act of honour or a preparation for...


Allergies and hay fever can be helped naturally. Hermann Keppler, the Principlal of The College of Natural Health (CNH) spreads light on the causes and approaches.