Ayurvedic Morning Routine

Ayurvedic Morning Routine

Get a new take on early mornings by embracing an Ayurvedic Morning Ritual.

Side-swiping the alarm clock, emitting a groan and trying to negotiate a pathway to the bathroom without having to open your eyes, while holding up a fragile head, is routine practice in many households. Considering getting out the wrong side of the bed produces a grumpy disposition; waking up too quickly creates a dissatisfying day; and disturbed REM messes with your positivity - the whole business of getting out of bed successfully becomes a tricky affair.

Ayurveda (an Indian based Healing Science) comes to therescue with a successful morning routine

The routine is advised by Harish Johari, author of Dhanwantan (Healing Arts Press). Although the first step says: It’s best to wake up an hour before sunrise, I’m sure the routine will work if you wake up a bit later. Try the following for a smoother transition from sleeping to waking. Advice is if you can’t fit it all in just do as many points as you can.

  1. Wake up an hour before sunrise. Sit up in bed.
  2. Feel your breath and notice which nostril your breath flows more strongly. This is your dominant side.
  3. Look at the lines in the palms of your hands (it is apparently very auspicious to notice your hands first thing in the morning).
  4. Rub your fingertips with your thumbs in a circular soothing rhythm. Use clockwise circles on the right hand anduse anti-clockwise circles on the left hand.
  5. Rub your palms with your fingertips.
  6. Circle your wrists; turn the right one clockwise and the left one anti-clockwise.
  7. Bring energy to your hands (your most effective tools for self-expression) by kissing each of your palms. Start with your dominant side first.
  8. Rub both hands together and move palms slowly over your face. Rub them again then move them over your head, arms, shoulders and legs. This creates an energy shield to ward off negative influences during the day.
  9. Sit silently with an empty mind.
  10. Step out of bed with the foot from the dominant side of the body.
  11. Perform any eliminatory functions required.
  12. Wash hands and splash water on your face.
  13. Make faces in the mirror to minimize too much early morning seriousness.
  14. Surround yourself with simple visuals, preferably with the colour white and avoid disturbing people.
  15. Concentrate on some form of nature, smell flowers.
  16. Relax and do deep breathing until the breath flows equally between both nostrils. (This will naturally activate about 10 minutes before sunrise).
  17. Do some eye exercises by looking up, down, sideways and rotating the eyes.
  18. Massage oil into your body on lunar days, i.e Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  19. Finally, shower or bath from top-to- toe and keep humming until you have finished.

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